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Purpose of the Meeting - Chairman
The item before the Zoning Board of Appeals is the application for variance by Topflight Grain Coop, Inc., owner of 420 W. Marion Street, to the requirements for height, and distance from a main structure of an additional main structure within a General Industrial (I-1) zone.
Introduction - Zoning Administrator
Topflight Grain Coop, Inc. owns the property at 420 W. Marion Street, zoned General Industrial (I-1).  The board of directors for Topflight has expressed interest in constructing  a new grain bin on the site.  The proposed grain bin is designed to be 125' in height to the peak, with 5' additional height for the fill conveyor. 

The City of Monticello zoning ordinance restricts the maximum height of a structure in a General Industrial zone to 45' (153.019 (A) (3) Table II).  Topflight Grain Coop, Inc. is petitioning the City of Monticello Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance to increase the maximum height of a structure from 45' to 130'. 

Additionally, the zoning ordinance also requires main buildings that are parallel on the same parcel to be separated by a horizontal distance that is at least equial to the height of the higest of the parallel buildings (153.018 (D) (4)).  Given that logistically the conveyor connecting the grain bins requires the proposed bin to be located relatively close to the adjacent bins, Topflight is also petitioning for a variance to allow a reduction in the minimum building distance, from 130' to 10'.
Project Overview- Petitioner
Questions & DIscussion from the Zoning Board of Appeals
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Action - Zoning Board of Appeals
Discussion of Combining Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission
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