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Right-of-Way Permits

Are you doing construction work or erecting signs/tables/awnings/etc. in publicly-owned areas?

Permits are required for all work performed in the public right-of-way.  Each dedicated street in the City of Monticello has a public right-if-way.  The right-of-way includes:

  -The pavement;
  -Curbing and sidewalks;
  -The Area between the sidewalk and curb.

Work that requires a permit includes street openings, driveway construction, encroachments, street and sidewalk obstructions, new water services and renewals, water abandonments, and use of hydrants and barricades.

Street and side right-of-way permits ensure that:

-Individuals working in the right-of-way know the appropriate rules and regulations.  This reduces the possibility of damage to utility lines.

-Individuals doing work in the right-if-way are property insured against personal injury and property damage.

-Work is done according to the City of Monticello specifications, codes, and requirements, thereby providing for proper restoration of public property.

-Schedules between agencies and individuals are coordinated so they do not attempt to perform work at the same location simultaneously.

-A record of who performed specific work is maintained, in case problems are discovered after work has been completed.

-Vehicular and pedestrian traffic is adequately maintained.

Permits are required for the following activities - (This is a partial listing):

-Any type of excavation in the public right-of-way such as installing, repairing, or replacing of water services or sewer laterals, and installing or repairing of any type of underground utility.

-Repairing or replacing of any sidewalk in the public right-of-way.

-Resurfacing, widening, or closing of an existing driveway.

-Installing a new driveway.

-Installing, replacing, or removing street curbing.

-Storing materials, dumpsters, or equipment in the public right-of-way.

-Parking any heavy equipment such as cranes in a public street.

-Erecting a new utility pole, or removing or relocating an existing utility pole.

How to Obtain a Permit:

Permits may be downloaded HERE and returned to the Monticello Municipal Building during open hours. 

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