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Fall Registration & Schedule
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Spring, 2018 Tentative Lineup
 Tuesday, February 27th  Tuesday, March 13th-
 Welcome to the Journey  Understanding, not underestimating credit
   The Good, the bad and the ugly from a new start-up    How credit can help (or hurt) you
 Entrepreneurship in a nutshell  A Man Walks into a bank..,
   Absolute need-to-knows (in case you don't come back)    How not to be a bad joke when asking for a business loan
 Business Plans: Your Playbook, Elevator Speech & Lifeline  How SBA Programs Can Work for You
  Getting started, staying focused, building a plan to get there    SBA Programming to help finance your venture
 Tuesday, March 6th-  Tuesday, March 20th-
 Simple Steps for Starting Your Business... Legally  (Re)vamping your marketing strategy
   LLC, Corporation... which setup is best for you and what it means   Social Media? Print? Radio?  Find the best resource for you
 Taxes, Reporting, Payroll.. How to stay on top of accounting  Find (& Build) Your Brand, Grow Your Business
  Know your numbers, and how to use them (and avoid surprises)   Don't advertise harder, advertise better
 What it Really Means to Be Your Own Boss  Would you do business with you?
 It isn't all sunshine and roses, but it definitely has its benefits   Customer service isn't just serving with a smile anymore
   Navigating Commercial Real Estate Agreements
    Learn what to look out for, expectations of landlords, and tips
   Tuesday, April 3rd-
   Bootcamp Grant Presentations
   Where to go from here- finding resources in your community
 Registration opens January 1st!
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