Although participation in Monticello’s curbside recycling program is not mandatory, the waste program is designed to encourage residents to recycle because doing so will reduce the volume of your trash and lower your disposal costs. Materials accepted include: Tin and aluminum cans, bound newspapers and magazines, collapsed cardboard, and Number 1 and Number 2 plastics.

Recycling is picked up based upon the schedule provided by the selected hauler.

Citizens participating in the recycling program are asked to put accepted household and consumer waste recyclables into a separate bin provided by the hauler, and place it at curbside, along with any garbage tote, for collection on the appropriate pick-up day.

Hazardous items can be recycled through the following sources-

Used Oil-

  • Rick Ridings’ Ford Mercury

Non-Rechargeable Batteries-

  • -City of Monticello Municipal Building

Electronic Waste-