Courthouse Square

Enjoy historic downtown Monticello, recently named a National Historic District, with uniquely Monticello shops, restaurants, and galleries. Courthouse Square is bordered by the one block west of Market Street/105 to the west, Marion Street to the south, Hamilton Street to the east, and Bridge/Center Street to the north.

Courthouse Square Business Directory

(as of July, 2018)
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Art Galleries


Furniture/Flooring Stores


Restaurants, Bakery & Taverns

Specialty Shops & Clothes

  • Black Hat Barber & Shave Company* - 211 W. Washington
  • Bruno's Barkery - 300 S. Market
  • JayDiz Fishing* - 330 N. Market
  • Leevy Tree Boutique* - 206 W. Washington
  • Maxwell's Discount* - 109 S. State
  • Monticello Mercantile* - 116 E. Main Street
  • Out of the Blue Polish Pottery* -223 E. Livingston
  • There's No Place Like Home*-114 W. Washington