Billing Information

Water Charges for MCUS Customers

Communities measure the amount of water consumed in several different ways. Some choose to use gallons, others use cubic feet, while others use units. The City of Monticello uses units to measure the amounts of water used. 1 Unit equals 100 cubic feet equals 748 gallons.

(Example... Rates as of 2021) 0 units $9.58

  • 1 unit $10.95
  • 2 units $13.69
  • 3 units $17.80
  • 4 - 20 units $17.80 for the first 3 units plus $2.74 per additional unit.

Water rates set forth hereof shall be increased by 4% for all bills rendered after January 1, 2014, and by an additional 4% each January 1 thereafter.

Customers existing outside of the city limits already connected to city water service may have double the rates for water service. New connections to city water to residents outside the city limits are not permitted.

Sewer Charges for MCUS Customers

For the months of October through May, the monthly sewer charge is directly based off the amount of water used during that reading period. For example, if a customer used 3 units of water, they will be billed for 3 units of sewer. During the months of June, July, August and September, the sewer charge for residences is based upon an average of the usage during the remaining 8 months of October through May.

Sewer charges are calculated as the following: 

  • $8.50 per unit $3.50 billing fee.
  • There is a minimum sewer charge of $12.00

Billing Process

The City of Monticello mails MCUS bills out once a month to every MCUS customer. The City is divided into three cycles, and bills are mailed on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Fridays of the month, depending on the cycle. Customers have 15 days from the billing date to pay the amount due before a 10% late penalty is charged. Payments can be dropped off at the payment box at the municipal building, paid online, mailed, paid at First State Bank of Monticello, or customers can sign up to have their payments automatically drafted from their accounts.

Delinquent Accounts

If, by the next billing date 30 days later, the initial balance is still not paid, customers will receive a letter stating account delinquency. Additionally, the following month's bill will have a past due notice outlined. If the past due bill is not paid within 10 days from the notification date, water service will be disconnected and a $50 shut off fee is charged. The customer must pay the past due balance and the entire $50 shut off fee before water service is restored.

Please be advised, water service disconnected because of delinquency will not be restored after-hours.