Apply for Water Service

All persons or businesses applying for service with MCUS must complete an application. The application not only provides the utility billing clerk with the necessary information to set up the MCUS account, but also provides the necessary means to contact the customer if an emergency arises, such as a high water usage reading.

Customers who do not own the property they live in, as well as mobile home dwellers within a mobile home park, are required to pay a $75.00 renter's deposit on file with the City of Monticello. The deposit is held until the account is closed, and is then applied towards the final bill. Any remaining balance of the deposit is returned to the customer. If the deposit does not cover the entire remaining balance, the customer will receive the final bill and be responsible for the final balance of the account.

Landlords, or owners of properties that will be leased out, must complete a landlord application. Landlords who wish to have service put into the names of their tenants are strongly suggested to inform the MCUS office every time service transfers in and out of their name. The City of Monticello Municipal Code states that any unpaid balance left by a tenant becomes the responsibility of the property owner.