Registration & Schedule

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Standard Schedule

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing and face mask requirements must be adhered to.  Additionally, the maximum number of participants for this program will be 20.

Week 1

  • Welcome to the Journey 
    Starting your own company... Trials, Tribulations & some success too!
    -Nicole Stewart, Owner
    Hartfield Book Co.
  • Business Plans: Your Playbook, Elevator Speech & Lifeline 
    Getting started, staying focused, building a plan to get there
    -Don Elmore, Director
     Illinois Small Business Development Center
  • Finding Your Mission, Vision and Values in Your Plan & Profile
    How these can and should be reflected in your business practices and operations.
    -Anne Matelonis, VP Marketing & Development
    First State Bank
  • The Bootcamp Grant
    Rules, regulations and helpful hints when applying for the Bootcamp Grant!
    Callie McFarland
    City of Monticello

Week 2

  • Simple Steps for Starting Your Business... Legally
    LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corporation... which setup is best for you and what it means
    -Tara Grabarczyk, Attorney
    Law Office of Suzanne Wells
  • Taxes, Reporting, Payroll.. How to stay on top of accounting  
    Know your numbers and how to use them (and avoid surprises!)
    -Kelly Finet, Owner
    Kelly's Accounting Service
  • Cover your... business- what type of insurance is necessary
    A Q & A about protecting your assets without going overboard.
    -Kevin Feeney
    Burgess & Cline, Inc.
  • Navigating Commercial Real Estate Agreements
    Need Storefront Space? Learn tips and expectations for both landlords and tenants
    -Jill Guth, Owner
    Guth & Associates

    * Schedules are planned, but last minute changes may occur

Week 3

  • Understanding, not underestimating credit   
    How credit can help (or hurt) you
    -Bob Guido, Commercial Loan Officer
    Iroquois Federal Bank
  • A Man Walks into a bank...
    How not to be a bad joke when asking for a business loan
    -Ryan Lowry, Commercial Loan Officer
    Iroquois Federal Bank
  • How SBA Programs Can Work for You
    Explore SBA options to help finance your venture.
    -Mitch Birky, Vice President, Credit
    First State Bank of Monticello
  • Monticello: A Virtual Tour**
    Great spaces with lots of opportunity!
    Callie McFarland
    City of Monticello

Week 4

  • (Re)Vamping your marketing strategy
    Learn ways to effectively market your business... better!
    -Natalie Kenny-Marquez, Owner
    Grow Marketing + Communications, LLC
  • Sharing (Advertising) on Facebook
    How to effectively use Facebook... and "Like" the results
    -Scott Clanin, Owner
    Clanin Marketing
  • Find (& Build) Your Brand, Grow Your Business
    Don't advertise harder, advertise better
    -Samantha Koon, Owner
    Zybell House

Week 5

  • Where to go from here? Finding resources in your community
    Where to find help if you get stuck- anywhere!
    Callie McFarland, City of Monticello
    Shelly Crawford-Stock, Monticello Chamber & Main Street
  • Bootcamp Presentations (the fun part!)
    Whether you're presenting for the grant or just pitching your plan, let's hear about it!