Recreational Fires

recreational fireGenerally, a recreational fire will be an outdoor fire for burning materials other than rubbish or trash, where the fuel is not contained by an incinerator, grill, or other cooking apparatus, that falls within a predetermined size. Recreational fires are allowed within City limits, as per §93.03 of the City of Monticello Municipal Code, but the Monticello Fire & Rescue Department advises residents to be careful when operating recreational fires. 

Here are some safety tips when having recreational fires on your property:

  • The fire should be contained in an outdoor fireplace, grill or firepit.
  • For safety, the total fuel area should not be larger than 3' in diameter or 2' in height.
  • Fires should have someone tending to them or present at all times
  • Firepits or barbeques should be a safe distance from any landscaping or structure, and no closer than 5' from a property line, or 25' from any structure.
  • Fires should not be started in windy conditions
  • Burning garbage or leaves in the firepit is and will be considered an ordinance violation
  • Smoke should be minimal. Dense smoke is considered a nuisance, and therefore the property owner could be fined if dense smoke is caused for a period of time.

The Monticello Fire & Rescue Department reserves the right to extinguish any fire, recreational or otherwise, at any time to assure public safety.