Getting on the Agenda

Public Participation 

Any person may appear before the City Council on any issue during the "Public Participation" portion of the agenda. Please note that the Council may only listen and refer your comment or question to staff or a City Committee for further consideration, if appropriate.

Public Participation allows any person to address the Presiding Officer (Mayor) and Council or  on any topic of their choosing. This is not set up to be a time where dialog between the council and the person addressing the Council shall occur, nor shall City Staff be asked to engage in a dialog. However any member of the Council may address the concern during the Aldermen's Report portion of the meeting.

To participate in a City Council meeting during Public Participation, just attend any regular Council meeting (held the second and fourth Mondays of each month). Those wishing to speak are required to sign in prior to commencement of the meeting and must address the Council from the seat and table provided. The public comments must comply with Ordinance 2014-02 and be limited to 5 minutes or less.

Letters, petitions, reports or other written documentation regarding your request are always helpful over strictly verbal requests, so that copies can be distributed to the Council members for their advance information and review. Providing this documentation helps ensure that your request is placed before the appropriate Staff member, Committee or the City Council for action.