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Landlord Utility Service Application with Garbage

  1. Services:*

    MCUS provides Monticello residents with water, sewer, and refuse/recycling via Republic Services. Please check the boxes below to indicate which services this property requires.

  2. Account Holder:*

    Landlords may choose to either keep utility services in their name (in which case tenants pay utilities as part of their rent), or to have each tenant establish their own account with MCUS. In this case, each tenant will be responsible for submitting their own Utility Service Application and will pay a deposit to MCUS at the start of service. In accordance with City of Monticello Municipal Code, any balance left unpaid by a tenant (after the deposit has been applied) will become the responsibility of the property owner. 

  3. Acknowledge Rights and Responsibilities*


    I acknowledge that I have read Title V, Chapter 51 (linked above), which explains my rights and responsibilities as an MCUS customer and landlord of property receiving utility services in the City of Monticello. I understand that I am obligated to abide and be bound by all provisions of this Ordinance. As a landlord, I am responsibility for all unpaid utility bills for any past, present, or future tenants.

  4. Accept and Agree*
    By clicking, "I agree," you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be "signed" in the sense of a traditional paper document; 2) your "electronic signature" is valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature; 3) you will abide and be bound by all provisions of applicable City of Monticello Ordinances; and 4) you accept responsibility for any and all utility bills left unpaid by tenants.

  5. Additional Information for Landlords

    MCUS will return all rental property to the landlord's name when a tenant requests discontinuation of service. If you wish to have bills sent to an alternate address or to have water turned off at any point, you must contact MCUS. Please note that there may be a nominal fee to turn water off and on. A $100 deposit is required of all renters before utility services will be transferred into their name. This deposit will be applied to their final bill and any remainder will be refunded to the renter. As a general rule, landlords become responsible for a renter's utility bill if it remains unpaid three months after the date of the final bill. If the balance remains unpaid after four months, a lien will be filed against the property. Landlords will be notified by MCUS in writing if a tenant's bill becomes past due. Landlords are strongly encouraged to check with MCUS and confirm that there is no outstanding balance owed before refunding a tenant's rental deposit.

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