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New Construction - Water Service Application

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  2. City of Monticello Building Department
    210 N. Hamilton
    Monticello, IL 61856
    (217) 762-2583, ext. 26

    New Construction - Water Service Application

  3. Applying as:*
  4. Proposed Fixtures:

    For each type of fixture listed below, indicate the number that will be connected to the proposed service (for example, 1 kitchen sink, 2 lavatories, etc.). Type 0 for any fixtures that will not be included.

  5. By clicking below, you agree to the following:*

    1) I accept and will abide by all applicable provisions of the City of Monticello Ordinances, as well as any other regulations that may apply. 2) I will maintain the service line through this property at no expense to the City of Monticello. 3) I will be responsible for the payment of all charges associated with water provided to this property. 4) No water meters will be installed in crawl spaces.

  6. Office Use Only:

    A __________ inch water meter installation fee of $__________ was paid on __________.

    Application approval and permit issued by ____________________ Date __________.

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