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Request a Residential Vacation Check

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  2. Use this form to alert the Monticello Police Department if you will be traveling out of town for an extended amount of time. The Monticello Police Department will monitor your residence while on regular patrol for suspicious activity during this time. Reported location must be within the City of Monticello boundaries. The exact reported location/site address is required.

    Please note: The name of person submitting this information and content of this form are subject to public release under the Freedom of Information Act.

  3. Contact Information of Individual Submitting Request
  4. Caretaker for plants, pets, getting mail, etc.
  5. Lights on timer, extra car in driveway, etc.
  6. Please note: This request does not ensure police monitoring of your residence on a regular basis; The intent of this program is to provide the police officers patroling your neighborhood with the necessary information to look for suspicious activity at your residence while you are away.
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