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    The City of Monticello Community Development Department strives to facilitate the relationship between existing and prospective business and property owners, by keeping a current list of available properties and buildings for sale or rent available to the public. The City does not act as a real estate agent or broker, and makes no representation or guarantees about the property or owner. This service is a voluntary free service available to those interested in commercial and/or industrial properties, for the purpose of occupying space as a business.
  3. Property Owner Information
    Please complete the following information as it relates to the owner/landlord of the property to be submitted.
  4. The owner's contact information will be listed on the City of Monticello's website. Please list how you wish to have this displayed.*
  5. Property Details
    Please complete the following information as it relates to the property you wish to submit.
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  8. If the property is for lease, please denote whether the lease rate is per month or per year.
  9. Outdoor Patio, elevator access, off-street parking, etc.
  10. By typing my name, I am providing an electronic signature agreeing that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my ability. Once the information has become invalid, or the property is no longer available, I will notify the City of Monticello to remove the available status from the website.
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