Home Occupation

A home occupation is defined as any gainful business, occupation, profession or trade carried on by an occupant of a dwelling unit as a use which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the premises for dwelling purposes. 

The City of Monticello has two designations for home occupations: a minor home occupation and a major home occupation. For a minor home occupation, the main qualifiers are that only those living within the home may be associated with the business, the business will not generate any additional traffic or persons to the property and no signs may be displayed. 

A major home occupation allows no more than one person who does not reside on the premises to be employed, a sign to be displayed, and/or the potential for customers to visit the premises.

In both cases, the business shall not create a nuisance to the surrounding residents and on-street parking should not increase.

If your business meets any of the points mentioned under the major home occupation, a conditional use permit would be required to continue to operate. Please note, to petition for a conditional use permit is a 20-30 day process and there is no guarantee that your request may be approved.

DOWNLOAD an application for a conditional use permit (PDF).