1016 N. State St.

"Noecker House", 1914


Built at the same time and similar to its neighbor to the south at 1012 North State, this house was built for George B. Noecker, son of Dr. Noecker and a cashier at one of the banks in Monticello.  The home was later occupied by Andrew Dighton.
This house features the Craftsman style; rectangular shape, two and a half story, with brick walls and side gable roof.  The full width hip roof porch has brick piers and a solid brick balustrade with decorative brick panels and stone coping.  A projecting gable over the porch stairs is supported by wider flared brick piers and has stucco and half-timbering in the tympanum and decorative rake boards.  The porch, gable roof dormer, and main roof have overhanging open eaves with exposed rafter tails.  The gable roof dormer has similar features as the gable above the porch stairs.
The brick one and a half story two car garage outbuilding (c. 1915) has a slate covered gable roof with overhanging open eaves with rafter tails, a gable roof dormer, and original folding doors.

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